REV is a series of annual events concerning the area of remote engineering and virtual instrumentation. The REV conferences are the annual conferences of the International Association of Online Engineering (IAOE,

The general objective of this conference is to demonstrate and discuss fundamentals, applications and experiences in the field of remote engineering and virtual instrumentation. With the globalization of education the interest in and need of teleworking, remote services and collaborative working environments now increases rapidly. Another objective of the symposium is to discuss guidelines for education in university level courses for these topics.

Scope of the Conference

Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation are very future trends in engineering and science. Due to:

  • the growing complexity of engineering tasks,
  • more and more specialized and expensive equipments well as software tools and simulators,
  • the necessary use of expensive equipment and software tools/simulators in short time projects,
  • the application of high tech equipment also in SME's,
  • the need of high qualified staff to control recent equipment,
  • the demands of globalization and division of labour,
it is increasingly necessary to allow and organize a shared use of equipment, but also specialized software as for example simulators. Organizers especially encourage people from industry to present their experience and applications of remote engineering and virtual instruments.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to)

  • Virtual and remote laboratories
  • Remote process visualization and virtual Instrumentation
  • Remote control and measurement technologies
  • Online engineering
  • Networking and grid technologies
  • Mixed Reality environments for education and training
  • Demands in education and training, e-learning, b-learning, m-learning and ODL
  • Open educational resources (OER)
  • Teleservice and telediagnosis
  • Telerobotics and telepresence
  • Support of collaborative work in virtual engineering environments
  • Teleworking environments
  • Telecommunities and their social impacts
  • Present and future trends, including social and educational aspects
  • Human computer interfaces, usability, reusability,accessibility
  • Applications and experiences
  • Standards and standardization proposals
  • Innovative organizational and educational concepts for remote engineering
  • Products

Upcoming Conferences


01–03 March 2023
Thessaloniki, Greece

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