Post Conference


Best Paper

Using Game Analytics to Measure Student Engagement/Retention for Engineering Education Callaghan, Michael James; McShane, Niall; Eguiluz, Augusto Gomez

Best Poster

A Design of the Tele-operation Control System for Liquid Container Transfer by an Overhead Traveling Crane
Kaneshige, Akihiro; Kawasaki, Yudai; Ueki, Satoshi; Miyosi, Takanori; Terashima, Kazuhiko

The use of 3D educational simulators in distance industrial automation programs
Blanco, Enrique Sergio; Schirmbeck, Fernando Ricardo Gambetta; Santos, Mauro Cesar Charao

Best Demo

Using Remote Laboratory eLab3D for a Broader Practical Skills Training in Electronics
Antonio Carpeno, Sergio Lopez and Jesus Arriaga


Here you can find links to the photos and videos recorded during REV2014...both during formal sessions and informal moments...feel free to send us with us any additional files you may think worthy of sharing...


Flickr Album of REV2014.


Opening Session National Instruments Keynote Invited Keynote Closing Session

IPPTV report and interviews (Portuguese Subtitles)